Newcastle First has had to be registered by law as a political party to be able to field candidates in elections.

We are totally based in Newcastle with the aim of fighting in the interests of Newcastle’s many communities. We always put Newcastle First.

If you would be interested in getting involved in our campaign for change, please contact us through one of the following methods:

Mail: mail@newcastlefirst.co.uk?subject=Information Request

It’s Time to Put Newcastle First

Published and promoted by Jason Smith on behalf of the Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party, both at 74 Falstone Avenue, Newcastle upon Tyne NE15 7SG

Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party welcomes new members who share the party's passion for Newcastle upon Tyne. By joining Newcastle First for just £5, you can help shape the party and help bring us to win Newcastle back from the party politicians who have dominated our city for too long.

The membership fee for the Newcastle Community First Party for 2011 is £5. Our city is very diverse and we've decided to set the membership fee at this low level to make sure that membership is open to as many local people as possible. Our aim is to attract people who care deeply about Newcastle, but would never think of joining a national political party.

Although we have set our membership fee at this low level, the reality is that the more funds Newcastle First has access to, the more effective the party can be at influencing Newcastle for the better. We therefore welcome additional donations from people who feel they are able to contribute more. Please add any additional donation to your membership fee when making your payment.

The membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December.


Please download, complete and return the membership application form with your payment to:

Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party

74 Falstone Avenue

Newcastle upon Tyne

NE15 7SG

Word version          -          PDF version

We apologise that PayPal is currently unavailable.

After receiving your membership fee and application form, we will write to you at your contact address to confirm your membership of Newcastle upon Tyne Community First Party.


Newcastle First is a local party and membership does not automatically preclude membership of any national political party as long as the member commits to support the aims of Newcastle First.

Any new member should highlight membership of another political party when returning the membership form.

Newcastle First is registered as a political party with the Electoral Commission. We can only use your donation or membership fee in line with the aims of the party. We are legally required to report all election expenditure to the Electoral Commission.

If you are interested in donating to Newcastle First or joining the party and would like further information, please contact us.